The California Water Plan Update 2013 (Update 2013) is designed to work in tandem, and help implement, the Governor’s Water Action Plan. At more than 3,500 pages, Update 2013 covers a variety of information, from detailed descriptions of current and potential regional and statewide water conditions, to a “Roadmap For Action” intended to achieve desired benefits and outcomes. Read the Secretary of Natural Resources Agency and the Director of the Department of Water Resources remarks about the release of Update 2013 (October 30, 2014).

  • Update 2013 recognizes and reflects these five things every Californian should know:
    1. Water is the Essence of Life for California.
    2. California’s Complex Water System is in Crisis.
    3. A Diverse Portfolio Approach is Required.
    4. Solutions Require Integration, Alignment, and Investment.
    5. We All Have a Role to Play in Securing Our Future.

The plan is organized in five volumes plus a Highlights booklet.